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The WeelaTrainer app is your virtual coach helping you train, following your progress and ensuring consistent workouts and long-term results. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

1.Training programs – no need to leave it to your imagination

The problem with home exercises is often the fact that you can do just about anything. If exercise requires a lot of imagination, it’s more difficult to do it consistently, long-term and to get results.

From the WeelaTrainer you will get ready training programs to train according to your goals whether you’re a beginner or more experienced. There are 60 programs prepared by experts which include more than 100 exercises. Different, lighter or heavier, longer or shorter programs can be found for both building muscles and for losing weight. Choose your program and just follow the instructions.



2. Tracking – no cheating yourself

During a tough workout it’s easy to skip a few reps, and just move on to the next set. The last exercises are the most important ones, and the WeelaTrainer app tells you when they have enough repetions behind you and how many you need to do.

When the app tracks your workouts, it’s easy to motivate yourself to finish the workout. Every workout is stored in your exercise history, so it will be good to see the concrete progress in your results for example in six months. 


3. Your own workout – choose your exercises yourself

If you want to design your workout yourself, you are of course free to do so. Just determine a suitable level of resistance and the move your want to do, and start. The application will follow your moves and results even when you do your own workout.