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The story of Weela

Feeling guilty about not exercising enough, worried about health, backpains. Familiar to most of us. We should have the energy to exercise and go to the gym, or so the magazines keep writing and experts stating. But where can you find the motivation, time and skills?

These very common thoughts about his health and the state of his muscles got Mauno to search for suitable exercise equipment for his home. Something that wouldn't take a lot of space. It would need to be multifunctional, so that it would replace a gym in a home setting. It should be easy to use, so that one wouldn't need to be a professional athlete to work out with it. The demands were so high, that Mauno couldn't find equipment that would meet his criteria. He had to start building his own...

The idea of Weela was thus born - an intelligent home gym equipment with which one could keep up and develop the muscles of the whole body, and which would help even beginners to exercise properly. Welapro Oy was established in the end of 2015 and the first Weela was delivered to customers in March 2017. Due to the high price the target customer segment for Weela was mainly professionals, PersonalTrainers and physical therapists. A portable gym fit their needs.

To fulfill the vision of a gym to homes of more and more people, the first version had to be improved upon. The price had to come fown and it would need to be a lot easier to use. Thus the next generation of Weela is hitting the markets better and cheaper. It's in sold in advance to more than 20 countries on the planet. Mauno wasn't alone with his thoughts, the need for a great home gym is global. We want to help.