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What would be good exercise equipment for home? Multipurpose, but one that doesn't take too much space? Home gym equipment, with which I can work out from head to toe? 

Weela home gym is comparable to pulley equipment or a home gym, meant for versatile muscle conditioning and training. In Weela the resistance is produced electrically and thus it's slightly different from traditional gravity-based weight training. The most important features of Weela are safety, efficiency, and portability. 

1) Safety

Weela has been designed safe to use in a home setting. The feel of the resistance isn't as surprising as gravity, so it is easier to control and won't be able to suprise you. 

By adjusting the workout range you can set the starting point of the move, to which the resistance is set. This makes it easier to position yourself in more difficult positions such as in squat and tricep pushups. On the other hand it prevents injury or dropping weights on for example your toes if you happen to stumble. 

2) Efficiency 

The resistance can be set to up to 110 lbs. The resistance adjusts to every pound ensuring optimal resistance at every level.

With Weela the weights may feel heavier than with traditional weights because with Weela speed doesn't play a factor. The strength has to be used consistently throughout the whole trajectory, and one can't cheat or reduce the load through swinging the moves. It helps keep the trajectory and technique clean. 

Studies show that eccentric workouts are according to research more effective and safer than normal workouts. The eccentric phase means the return phase of the move, where the muscle slows the move.

In Weela workouts the benefits of eccentric training can be enhanced, because the resistance can be set separately for the pull- and return phases. Weela is one of the few equipments where the eccentric phase can be enhanced.

3) Portability

Home gym brings to mind a big space, either a garage or a large room that has been filled with different exercise equipment: home gyms, rowing equipment, handlebar set and so forth. This equipment require a lot of space and are heavy to move.

Weela makes a small home gym possible. One device is enough to strengthen the muscles in your whole body. You don’t need a separate room for a gym, because the gym can now be set up in a momeny in the living room or wherever you want to set it up.