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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much does Weela cost?

The normal price of Weela is 899€. As preorder Weela can be purchased for 599% (inc VAT24%).

2) What is the delivery time for Weela?

After the preorder period, the normal delivery time for Weela is 2 weeks. All preordered devices will be delivered by the end of October. 

3) How long is Weela's guarantee?

Weela is given a two year guarantee for home use. Please note the the guarantee doesn't cover misuse.

4) Where is Weela produced? 

Weela is produced in Finland, in Kempele.

5) Is the Weelatrainer app free and where can it be downloaded?

The WeelaTrainer app can be downloaded for free on Android and during the autumn also from the Apple AppStore.

6) How is Weela maintained? 

When used at home, Weela doesn't need maintaining. It's sufficient to keep it clean. The cover of the device can only be opened in certified repair shops.

7) Can Weela be used without the WeelaTrainer application?

Yes it can. Weela has a screen and a control panel, from which resistance can be adjusted. Through the WeelaTrainer app you can access more features such as guided workouts and personalized tracking.

8) Where can I test Weela? 

Weela can be tested in our office in Kempele. In addition, Weela can be tested in our retailers premises and events we attend. You can also request a visit from a Weela representative to test the device.

9) What handles are included in Weela?

The device includes three handles, an ankle cuff, straight T-bar, and one hand D-handle. With Weela all other handles can also be used.