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Exercises with Weela

With Weela you can do typical exercises normally done with cable, kettlebell or freeweights. Weela has also developed a unique set of exercises that are optimal for effective strength training with Weela.

Typically the moves done with Weela are exercises with a long trajectory which develop the strength of your core, supporting muscles, and body conditioning. In many trainings instead of just one muscle, multiple muscles need to perform to complete the move and thus with Weela you can also do trainings that raise your pulse.

In the WeelaTrainer app there are around 100 different exercise moves to work out your whole body. Suitable moves can be found for both beginners and more experienced athletes. Here are a few examples of moves done on Weela. 


  • High pull
  • Shoulder raise
  • Front and side raise 


  • 1- hand bench press
  • "Fly"
  • Tennis swing palm



  • Cable seated row
  • Bow good morning
  • "chain saw"


  • "Half" turkish ascent
  • Knee raise with ankle cuff
  • Sidebend



  • Bicep curl
  • French press
  • Clean and jerk



  • Glutes kick
  • Sumosquat
  • Straight leg deadlift



  • Front squat 
  • Knee curl on the ground
  • Side step with a squat


  • Calf pumps

In this video are a few example exercises sped up.


Exercises done with Weela 1.0.