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Order, delivery, guarantee

Sales and delivery terms (1.9.2019)

These terms are affiliated with a sale between Welapro Ltd (seller) and the buyer. The terms are valid for the time being.


The prices are valid for the time being and include the VAT. If there are disagreements with the price, Welapro must be notified immediately, within ten (10) days from the date of the invoice. Welapro Ltd reserves the rights to changes in price, if the change is due to reasons outside of Welapro Ltd’s control.


Weela products have a two-year guarantee given by the manufacturer. The guarantee does not cover damage that is caused by normal wear and tear or incorrect use of the product. In cases of unnecessary guarantee returns Welapro has the right to charge the customer reasonable fees from the delivery transaction.

Payment Service Provider

The payment intermediary service and the payment service provider is Paytrail plc (2122839-7) in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail plc is seen as the payment receiver in bank statements and card transactions and forwards the payment to the seller. Paytrail plc has a payment institutions concession. In reclamation cases we ask you to be in contact with the product supplier.

Paytrail Oyj, Business ID 2122839-7

Innova 2

Lutakonaukio 7

40100 Jyväskylä

Telephone: 020 718 1830

Collector invoice/ payment in installments

With the Collector Invoice / Installments – service you can pay your purchases up to 5000 €.

With a Collector invoice you can get interest free* payment time with a minimum of 30 days and up to 60 days.

The invoice is due for payment on the last day of the next month from purchase. (* Interest is 0 %, the first bill will have  2,95 € invoicing fee.)

The customer can pay the whole payment on the due date of the invoice or they can choose between 1 to 36 months of instalments. The instalments are started automatically when the customer has paid the minimum amount required. If he or she wishes to they may also make larger instalments or pay the rest of the sum at once.

The instalment interest rate is 1.6 % a month, which is a yearly interest rate of 19.20%. There will be an additional 2,95€ of account management fees added to the invoice, whereupon calculated from a 1000€ purchase would reflect an actual yearly interest rate of 21.3%

When choosing the Collector invoice / installments, you will always receive the product to your home before payment. This brings flexibility and security with exchanges and returns.

Collector invoice / installments can be used by a person who is over the age of 18 and who has immaculate credit information. We will make a credit check during the order. Delayed payments and unpaid invoices will result in 5€ reminding fee and 1.6% monthly interest from the delayed period.

To pay the invoice in instalments and qualify for the credit agreement, you must pay the minimum amount due by the due date and sign a credit agreement with Collector Bank. Check from the address ( how to sign this.

You will receive complete collector invoice installments from the following links:

More accurate service description:

General invoicing and account information :

Vakiomuotoiset Eurooppalaiset kuluttajaluottoehdot löydät

The creditor will be Collector Bank AB.

Delivery Time

Weela will be delivered in about two weeks from order. The customer has a right to cancel the sale in cases where delivery takes unreasonably long.

Advance sales of Weela – products will be delivered as soon as the products are in production. The buyer is aware that the delivery may take time and they have a right to cancel the sale before delivery.

Delivery method and costs

The product is delivered through a third party.

Problem situations in delivery and faulty products

In cases of the product missing, breaking or if a customer has been delivered the wrong product, the customer must inform of the mistake to the following email address:

The notice of mistaken delivery or damaged product must be done within 14 days of receiving the product. If the package has been damaged in the delivery, a reclamation must be done immediately to the delivery company.

Welapro Ltd is not responsible for products damaged in delivery. The producer is responsible for the quality of the product: (scratches and dents). Other reclamations will be gone through individually with the producer.

A reclamation must be made in reasonable timing after noticing the mistake. Be in contact with our sales team, or +358449718890.

Order confirmation

Customer will receive order confirmation in their email.

Revoking the contract

Rights of withdrawal

The customer has a right to revoke the contract within 14 days of the delivery of the product.

It is enough that the customer informs the company of their decision to revoke the contract within 14 days.

Impact of withdrawal

If you cancel the contract, we will return all instalments we have received from you.

The customer must keep the product they have received unchanged and undiminished so that in a case of cancellation they have the right to receive their paid money in return. The customer has a right to open the package and test the product without diminishing the product in a possible cancellation.

Before returning the product we ask you to be in contact with our customer service: or by phone +358449718890. The cost of return will be the customers responsibility.

Products that are not collected, Welapro Ltd will charge the customer the additional delivery fees.


We reserve the rights without announcement to price changes, delivery delays, to products being sold out and changing the delivery terms. Before ordering the customer must read through current delivery terms.

Welapro Oy handles all customer information confidentially.

Period of validity

These terms are valid for the time being.