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Technology behind Weela

The technology Weela has for producing force for exercising is unique and patented. The electrically produced resistance enables an effective and safe workout. 


Strength training with Weela is even more effective than with normal weights when you turn on the multiplier for eccentric training. Eccentric training means that the return move which is usually easier and lighter to do and can be up to 2X heavier. Studies show that since most muscles aren’t used to that, strength and muscles grow faster through eccentric training.

This is because eccentric muscle contraction is stronger than concentric contraction, which allows you to enlist heavier weights. Not only can it boost your muscle size, eccentric training has many other benefits! It can help increase your metabolism and repair muscle faster. This is what we at Weela want to offer you, an opportunity to reach your goals faster and safer.

 By enhancing the eccentric phase you can get more efficiency to your workout!

Weela’s electric resistance creates a weight of 1-50kg or 2-110 lbs. The resistance may feel heavier than with normal weights because the ‘mass won’t just move’, but the muscles need to work consistently throughtout the whole trajectory. Speed won’t make the workout easier!

The picture above shows the trajectory and it’s effect on the magnitude of the resistance. When working out with regular weights the effect begins only as the movement goes further. With Weela the direction of strength can be made optimal for a long trajectory and effective workouts.

Weela’s technology enables adjustment of the starting point. You can set the handle without a load to the position you want to begin. As you set the resistance in the starter position, the equipment stops resisting in the set ‘starter point’. Through adjusting the starter point you can make moves with bigger loads from difficult starting positions, such as front squat or French tricep pushup. This also ensures the safe usage of Weela. Weights cannot fall on your toes if your grip slips, only the handle will fall with its own weight.

From the electric resistance, data can be easily gathered. This enables an intelligent WeelaTrainer application. By collecting data in real-time the application follows in real-time the progress of your workouts, counts the repetitions, workouts, and shows from your workout history for example how much your strength has developed.

Key benefits of using electrical power for resistance are:

  • You need very little space
  • Portability / lightness
  • Adjustability, setting the starting point, enhancement of the eccentric phase
  • Constant resistance
  • Length of the trajectory
  • Collection of data

These features make the electric resistance easier and more effective than regular weights!

Weela technical information:

  • Measurements: x x x cm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Power: max. 800W
  • Resistance: 1-50 kg or 2-110 lbs